Monday, November 10, 2008

Wildenblue Farm Update

Posted Jun-29-07 08:01:19 PDT
June 29, 2007: It has been a very busy few weeks... mom and I have been cleaning out a section of the chicken barn and transforming it into a small shop or studio... if you will. We've cleaned up the ol' barnyard, hauled in rocks and rebuilt a section of tumbling-down stone wall, transplanted perennials, put up a few sections of rail fence, pressure-washed and painted the inside & outside of the barn and added on a bit to the existing chicken coop! The hens are laying many eggs... so I do believe they like their new living-quarters.
My daughter and I went out to both gardens yesterday and settled down to some much-needed weeding. The strawberries have all gone past; we let the chickens, guineas, ducks and geese into that garden this morning to help weed and clean things up. Now the Currants & Gooseberries are coming on!
Today it is cool and bright... we about withered away in yesterday's heat & humidity. I suppose we'll head back out to the garden & spread a bit of compost around the raspberries & blueberries...
I leave you with an appropriate quote from Lou Erickson. Til next time...
~Gardening requires lots of water... most of it in the form of perspiration.

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