Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Back to Work...

Posted Aug-17-07 15:12:28 PDT
Mom & I accomplished about 7 hours worth of work on the Barn-Shop today... we hadn't done much of anything since a week or so before dad passed away. It's hard to believe he's been gone four weeks now. We miss him so, and always will. My oldest son celebrated his 22nd birthday on Monday... our first family get-together without my dad; it was bittersweet.
This morning, mom painted the inside of the outhouse which dad had built a number of years ago. (We moved it up here from their property just before dad died.) Meanwhile, I varnished the two salvaged french doors I had been refinishing to replace the barn doors. We picked them up locally for next to nothing, but they needed to be stripped, restained & varnished! I have also been refinishing a gateleg table, so worked on those things in between.We spent some time sputtering at the guinea hens, who are determined to wander down & stay in the road lately. It is very frustrating & embarrassing to have to chase & bribe them back up towards the barn. I have three geese who are escaping every day, as well. I cannot figure out where they are getting through the fence. They are very naughty indeed! I am afraid they will meet the same fate as one of the hens & our poor kitty, Buster, who were taken by a coyote a few weeks ago.
Later in the afternoon, we took a drive out into the woods to look for the perfect old tree for a Bottle Tree. It seemed hopeless... but then we found one just as we were heading back home! We dug a hole, placed it in the ground, and stuck a few bottles on it! (We need at least two dozen others!) Yet it looks quite lovely in the sunshine! It is supposed to have the same effect as a "Witch Ball" or "Spirit Glass"... naughty spirits are supposed to be so enamored of their reflections in the colored glass that they slip inside & become trapped, whence they can do no harm. It sure made the guinea hens nervous as they passed by it. Perhaps I should put up several along the road... Til next time...

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