Tuesday, November 11, 2008

End-of-August Ponderings

Posted Aug-26-07 19:34:14 PDT
And finally the rains came... accompanied by gusty wind, thunder & lightning... but still, we received rain! And it broke the humidity, at least temporarily. Perhaps we'll be lucky enough to get a bit more!
It was cool enough this morning to get the Fruit Garden weeded, which it was desperately in need of. The Currants, Blueberries & Gooseberries look a little worse for wear, but the Strawberries & Raspberries are sending forth next year's shoots.There are a few stray tomato plants which have sturdily sprouted up on their own next to the Gooseberry bushes... a good thing as I never got around to planting much of a vegetable garden this year. Sigh... next year will have to do. That is one reason I love to plant Heirloom or Open Pollinated seeds; they always send out at least a few babies for the next year! No pickle-making this year, but I have plenty of Concord Grapes coming on that will lead to jelly-making when the frost ripens them!
While at mom's the other day (we finished the firewood... well, SHE did most of it!), we gathered some Hollyhock, Pink Mallow & Sweet Cicely seeds. So last evening I planted the rows of them, and had just finished up when it started to sprinkle. The Forget-Me-Not, Foxglove, Delphinium & Johnny-Jump-Ups I planted last month are sprouting, but the Lavender & others haven't still. Perhaps the rain will be the encouragement they need! My Sweet Annie has been thriving, even with the dry weather. I have been harvesting it often to fill Ebay purchases. At night, the air is heavy with the sweet odor of it! It is truely my favorite herb!
As I was rounding up a few straggling Guinea Hens out in the back field, I noticed a lone coyote running off towards the woods. Perhaps he is the one who made off with our kitty Buster. How fortunate I spared him of a Guinea Fowl supper. Earlier in the summer, we could hear at least three or four coyotes howling most every evening. But as fall approaches, the calls have been much less frequent. Mostly we hear only owls during the night. I have begun to fill my birdfeeders and have had a great number of yellow finches gobbling up the thistle seed I leave for them. I heard a small flock of Canadian Geese flying over yesterday morning, and for the past two mornings, there have been between 5 & 7 black crows under the feeders! I feel we may have an early Autumn close at hand, as even some of the maples & wild vines have begun to change color. But I suppose it is almost September, after all. So I leave you with this 'til next time... Primitive blessings to you & yours, ~Laura of Wildenblue Farm
"Ginger and cinnamon fill the air, A patchwork of leaves lay everywhere. Cold, clean mornings and an indigo dawn, Crystal frost on an emerald lawn. Golden apple cider and delicious pumpkin pie, these are the things I love at Autumn time!"Sabrina Bytheway

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