Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Stinky Mink & Our Loss...

Posted Mar-19-08 18:03:06 PDT
Good evening to all my faithful readers. I hope all is well with you and your days are filled with the little things that make you grateful.
Tomorrow is the official start of spring, and even though we awoke to a few inches of wet snow this morning, I've noted several indicators that spring is in the air. The deer have been gathering in the open patches of ground that grow larger with each passing day. There have been dozens of robins flittering across the roads and flocking upon the bare patches. I saw a brightly colored bluebird last evening, and a grouse perching high up in an old apple tree. Redwing Blackbirds and Grackles have been visiting the feeders early in the morning, awakening us with their cackling and distinct calls. The owls are hooting back and forth from the woods again in the evenings. And my daughter and I observed a very large flock of Canadian Geese making their way homeward. The day before yesterday, I happened to look out the window towards the birdfeeders... the Guinea Hens have been competing for the fallen seed with half-a-dozen black crows all the winter, and it's hilarious to watch them intimidate each other... but something different caught my eye, and then my ears. The Guineas were screeching at a mink that had happened up the hill near the house, and they had frightened him into one of the window-wells. He was screaming right back at them. One of our kitties was curious about him as well, and he was frightened as could be. Now, I don't know if minks spray as skunks do... but when I went out on the porch to snap a few pictures of him and retrieve the cat... it stunk horribly! The scent lingered inside and outside of the house for quite a long while, so we stayed in the kitchen-end or upstairs for that time! Phew!
It is with a heavy and sad heart that I tell you our sweet, beloved German Shepard, Greta, died unexpectedly during the night. She has been such a faithful and constant companion for almost 11 years, and it is awfully empty and lonely without her. I could not have asked for a sweeter, gentler girl to share my daily 4-mile walks with, or to help me chase the Guineas back into the barn come nightfall, or just to lie happily at my feet while I worked from the computer. For the last two mornings, we shared a wonderful time out snowshoeing in the woods, and I remember thinking that she was so puppyish and playful and fast for her 11 years! I had to call her back to me several times because she was rambling so far ahead of me! We all feel our loss, as she was such a wonderful and loyal friend.
Well, I wish you all spring time and Easter-time blessings, and I will leave you with a little quote for the season. Til next time... much love from Laura of Wildenblue Farm
~No matter how long the winter, how hard the frost or how deep the snow, nature triumphs. No season is awaited so eagerly or welcomed so warmly as spring... Sheila Pickles

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