Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Posted Sep-19-07 19:47:01 PDT
Good evening, friends! The weather has been just lovely for being outside... cool and sunny! I am very pleased to tell you I have gotten a few things out of the way these past few days and I finally feel I'm accomplishing something!! Mom and I had been down to my brother's helping him with the trusses on his screenhouse, so things had been on hold here for a few days. But yesterday morning, I got the front porch cleaned off in preparation for stacking the winter's firewood. I got a few blankets,quilts and cat-beds washed and hung on the clothesline. Mom came up and we worked at the barn-shop for a few hours... she caulked the seams and cracks between the boards and I tied up a few loose ends... light cover plates, door hardware, general picking-up. We discovered a naughty mouse had built a cozy nest in the ash bin of the ol' wood cookstove, which made it quite easy to empty out! Later we picked a bit of Bittersweet... hard to find this year.
This morning, I dug up and replanted close to two dozen Bittersweet Vines along the perimeter of the main barn fence. And just guess what I discovered as I was yanking away at the stubborn vines!?! My missing Guinea Hen! She was not devoured by a fox nor coyote two weeks ago after all... she is sitting on a nest! I am hoping that in the next two weeks she will hatch out some keats! Time will tell.
This afternoon, Mandy and I hauled in and stacked two loads of firewood and gathered a large load of pine kindling from the woods that filled the woodbox nicely! It has been cool enough in the evenings to get the fireplace going just enough to take the chill out of the house. Before we got started, I ran the dustmop across the floors. Our dog, Greta, was playing with her toy and as I was shaking the dustmop off out on the porch, I realized she was making quite a racket inside. When I came back in , she was staring towards the ceiling, so I followed her gaze upwards. There, clinging to a bundle of dried Rosehips was a woodpecker hanging on for dear life. I reached up and caught him along with the Rosehips and took him outside to the birdfeeder. As soon as I set him inside, he flew away down the hill!
Later in the afternoon, we picked scads of Bittersweet Vines! It was luck to find them with so many berries, as this year does not seem to be a good one for it in these parts. I hope to get some listed tomorrow, but first we need to bunch it & box it! Well, it's late and I must call it a day. I wish you a wonderful remainder to your week and thank you for stopping by! Kindest regards, Laura of Wildenblue Farm

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