Wednesday, November 12, 2008

April 2008 Update

Posted Apr-22-08 19:14:27 PDT Updated Apr-22-08 19:18:59 PDT
Hello again to all... I've been away for far too long! And to think it is almost May. Sigh...
Every day seems to bring another project here on Wildenblue Farm! Yesterday the Post Office called at 7:00 am to inform me the baby chicks had arrived and were waiting to be picked up! So I headed out to retreive them, but first had to stop at the Farm Store to pick up shavings and clover seed, amongst other things. I took the peeps to mom's, as she is kind enough to brood them out down there til they are big enough to put in with all the others here. (I worry about the turkey vultures, hawks, roosters, geese and guineas when the chicks are so little and defenseless.)
Today I put in a new (old) window in the back side of the chicken coop. It lacks sunlight and fresh air in that section of the barn, and my patience had worn thin trying to gather eggs in the dim light, only to be startled by a snippy hen pecking at my groping hand. And as mom gave me dad's Saws-all yesterday, it was a project begging to be done. I am a lousy carpenter... but the window did fit in and the biddies are happy and the barn is brighter and airier, and that's all that matters!
Mom and I had spent several days over the past few weeks mending fences and running new ones, pruning fruit trees and straightening up the barnyard. Everything is pretty much in order and seems secure. The weather has been very dry and amazingly warm for April... so every day is spent on some chore or another. My daughter and I spent six hours clearing out the main vegetable garden, and I spent several hours more in the fruit garden planting raspberries, strawberries, gooseberries and currants. We dug up and transplanted the Welsh Onions, Walking Onions, Rhubarb Plants from mom's, Catnip and Horehound.
I've gotten some seed planted over the past few days... peas, carrots, sweet corn, radishes, spinach (I am SO longing for fresh spinach!), lettuces and radishes. I also got the potatos planted... all reds and all blues... does that mean if I cook both and mash them together, I'll have purple mashed potaoes???
Well... it's time for bed, so I'll say good night. Hope you are all well and enjoying spring. May all your weeds be wildflowers! Til next time... Laura of Wildenblue Farm

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