Monday, November 10, 2008

Rain... & Naughty Chickens

Posted Jul-05-07 19:05:10 PDT
We finally received some desperately-needed rain yesterday! And not a moment too soon. It had been frightfully dry, especially with the wind we'd been having. Perfect conditions for brush fires... but thank goodness the gentle rain has quelled that chance. Not much to share. Spent a few hours yesterday working in the barn/shop... stenciling & rearranging & painting. And shooing three or four naughty biddies about for the duration I was down there. I am having the darndest time keeping a handful of hens out of my newly-planted flower beds. They scratched out some lavender plants, and created craters under and about the foxgloves & hollyhocks. They've pecked off most of the bottom leaves of these, and made the rest look like swiss cheese.(They are learning to high-tail it if I even pick up the hose.) I thought they fluttered off and back over the fence, but it appears more like they've been lurking under a rosebush until I go back about my business. And no sooner do I get back to work and they come tiptoeing out again... feet flying faster than before. I know they are cackling at me. Sigh. I need to plant clover... but I'm certain it will be for naught with those girls. But it will keep them out of the perennials, I suppose.

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