Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Greenhouse

Posted Oct-17-08 13:55:07 PDT
Hello, dear friends! Mom and I just finished a busy day spent outside in what might be one of the last few sunshiney, fairly warm days ( 45 degrees) left to this autumn season! Especially so with November just around the corner! Today was spent gathering Bittersweet, picking a few apples and quarts of Concord Grapes, and setting these goods, along with some Pie Pumpkins, Squash and Eggs out at the tiny garden stand in preperation for the weekend customers who happen by. I debated for a short time earlier this morning if today would be spent doing needed chores or taking a drive a bit north to take some photographs before all the fall foilage is blown away. And today, the work won out. But there's always tomorrow for a drive (and tag sales!)
We also got out in the back garden and snipped off well over one hundred gourds of different varieties, and laid them out on screens in the garage, where the wood furnace will have them dry in short order. I usually dry them in the basement in front of the wood furnace, but more room was needed this year! And besides, it gets much too crowded with firewood stacked down there, too.
We've spent the last two weekends visiting several town-wide garage sales, which I LOVE doing. I had a mission in mind, as I am blessed to watch my grandson two days a week, and needed certain things for him, such as a carseat, stroller, baby swing, johnny jumper, baby seat, and spare clothes and such. I am quite pleased to tell you I purchased all the above in one day last weekend for less than thirty dollars, thanks to mom's haggling! It is amazing what you can find in such wonderful condition at such low prices!
We built a small greenhouse during the past month from plans out of Mary Jane's Farm magazine... which is my favorite magazine. You must check it out at! I LOVE her! The greenhouse was very inexpensive to build, and though we are not carpenters... I think we did a good job! Will it last the winter? I'll let you know come spring! Well, I need to close now, but wanted to give you all an update, as I'm running late this time! Happy Fall! xox ~Laura of Wildenblue Farm

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