Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just a line or two...

Posted Mar-01-08 05:53:36 PST
Good morning, everyone! I'm on my way down to mom's to shovel off her roof, etc, as we've received another foot of snow, just as we did just two days ago! It is so lovely outdoors... and I plan on doing a bit of snowshoeing when I get back. The chickens are laying a total of about a half-dozen eggs a day... a far cry from the usual dozen-&-a-half to two dozen... but it's not even spring yet! The geese and ducks do not mind spending the day outdoors in all this snow, but the chickens and guineas will only stay out a bit to peck at the flakes, then head back into the barn. With the snowbanks so high, one must keep a watchful eye out for a fox or coyote, as they may easily leap into the barnyard.
I must tell you I opened an Etsy Shop last week... I am so addicted to Etsy and all the lovely handmade goodies that beckon! Just type into your browser & take a look. You may find my shop by typing into your browser.
I ordered two and a half dozen chicks which will be arriving in April. My daughter & I selected several different breeds... a potpourri of chickens, if you will! The many seeds I ordered have arrived & are awaiting seeding. I always go overboard when ordering seeds... but thats alright. I'll find room for them all between the two big gardens!
Well, friends, I must head down to mom's, as it's snowing very hard again. I'll be in touch. Just wanted to wish you all a happy March! xox... Blessings from Laura of Wildenblue Farm!

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