Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Kittens...

Posted Sep-06-08 05:36:25 PDT
Good morning to all!
I awoke to the sound of some much-needed rain this morning... but was unsure at first if it actually was rain or just the wind! We haven't had rain in too long; I dug a few potatoes the other night for a friend and I could barely dig my fingers down into the ground; the dirt was so dry and hard. Talk about Terra Firma! But fortunately the gardens haven't suffered. I am pleased to say I have MANY pumpkins and large gourds winding their way throughout the back garden. The weight of the heavy gourds has brought down a few sections of flimsy fence towards the left side... but no harm done! It'll give me something to do come fall!!
I cleaned the barn out a few days ago, and mom brought up the month-old batch of 8 keats. They have settled in, and the older Guineas are very curious about these new little ones. Ma is still brooding out the 11 keats born last week, but has moved them out of the house and into the garage! They will move up here in a few more weeks. (And I cleaned out three tractor-bucket's worth of compost for the gardens!)
I must say I have about had my fill of Guinea Fowl these past few days. I told you before that they have been an awful nuisance about wandering in the road. I have been very embarrassed this past week especially with them and yesterday was the final straw for both my daughter and I. So I waited til dark, went down to the barn and spent perhaps two hours trying to catch thirteen scratching, biting, screaming panicked Guineas so I could trim their right wing feathers. Needless to say, I gave up after two hours and headed back to the house for a shower... defeated, clawed up and covered in bits of feathers, sweat and worse. Two are missing (hiding) and the others screeched and ran from me this morning as I went about my barn-chores. I was unable to catch all of them, but I will bide my time...
We have four new kittens that someone dropped of in the middle of the road late the other night. I have a tolerance for many kinds of people... however, I draw the line at someone who tosses animals away like roadside litter. The kittens appear to be perhaps 6 weeks old, and there are two sets of identical twins; two are pure black and the other two are siamese. They are simply adorable, but we have three cats already, so I should be looking for a home for them. My daughter and I are partial to the siamese, but we find the black ones equally irresistable. Sigh...
I attempted to make a batch of Mozzerella Cheese yesterday. Mom and I had gone to Vermont earlier to pick up a load of feed, it was hot and I knew I shouldn't have started it, but I did. Needless to say, the curd did not form properly, so now I have a gallon of whey in the refrigerator. But the kitties will be pleased with my failure!
Well, I must close now, as there's work to be done. Wish me luck that today will be nothing like yesterday, and enjoy your weekend! Blessings from Laura of Wildenblue Farm

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