Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy New Year 2008! Lip Balm Recipe

Posted Jan-02-08 20:05:10 PST
I would like to extend New Year's blessings to all. My wish for you is that you find peace, kindness, truth & health in the New Year. We have received snow upon snow upon snow these past few weeks, and it is lovely to be out-of-doors in this pure white winter wonderland! The geese are quite happy to sit out in the barnyard along with the ducks, but nary a chicken and rarely a guinea will brave the white stuff, though mom & I cleaned the barn out last week and shut all the creatures out of the barn to accomplish that task! It was a very warm day & in-between snowstorms, so it worked out perfectly! I must say the barn was smelling like a ...well, a barn; a very stinky barn to be sure! But we scraped & shoveled & emptied & dumped & filled the whole barn with Sweet Annie, fresh shavings & straw... and just in time, as tonight the temperature is very cold... the coldest of the season & not to be out of the single digits for a couple of days.
I have been busy in the kitchen cooking & creating, and have been slowly but surely getting a few prim goods listed for sale once again. We spent last evening at mom's for supper to celebrate the New Year. She fixed a baked ham, scalloped potatoes, sweet corn & lots of "fixin's"! I made home-made rolls & a squash casserole. My oldest son's girlfriend made a delicious ice-cream cake (Thank you again, Ashley!) All three of my sons, their girlfriends & my daughter enjoyed the New Year at Gram's, as did I!
We have spent a lot of time outdoors as of late in the effort of shoveling all this beautiful snow... both at home and at mom's giving her a helping hand, though she does very well for herself with the snowblower! I made a batch of Lip Balm to last through the winter, and thought perhaps you'd like my recipe so you can make some for your family. I put this up in tiny tins, as I could not find the lip balm tubes I've stashed somewhere! You'll get about 6 (1/2 ounce) tins....
Homemade Lip Balm
1/4 cup Sweet Almond Oil (or Olive Oil)
1/4 teaspoon Honey
1/4 ounce shaved Beeswax
1/2 teaspoon pure natural flavoring (peppermint or vanilla, etc)
4 drops pure Lavender Essential Oil
1/2 teaspoon Aloe Vera extract
1 pierced Vitamin E Capsule
Over a low flame, heat the oil 'til warm... do not boil! Add the Beeswax to the oil & allow it to melt. Remove from heat & add the remaining ingredients, mixing well. Pour into desired containers, allow to cool & cover. This is also nice to rub into dry spots on your hands & fingers when necessary! You can play around with the ingredients & adapt the recipe to your preferences. If too thin, add a bit more beeswax; if too thick, add a bit more oil.
HAPPY NEW YEAR from Laura of Wildenblue Farm!

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