Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Little Bite...

Posted Sep-03-07 20:52:17 PDT
Dear friends and faithful readers... Just wanted to let you know I have not been lazy and forgotten to update my blog! Just before the weekend started, I was bitten by an anonymous little critter whilst I was sleeping and have begun shots for possible rabies exposure. It has been most unpleasant and has left me tired and sore & more cranky than usual! (I was told only a very small percent of the population has a reaction similar to the flu, and of course I fit into that group.)
Before I close, I must tell you that there have been numerous coyotes howling & calling to each other during the night now, which tends to put the ducks and geese into a bit of a frenzy, as they are coming very close to the house and barn. One lone coyote ran back down the hill as I was heading to the barn yesterday evening, which was perfect timing for the three geese, three ducks & three guinea hens that had managed to slip out of the fence and were waiting to be let back into the barnyard. Tonight I noted one guinea hen was missing. I will take a walk around the fencelines in the morning and see what I can figure out. Hopefully (s)he was merely hiding out up in a nearby tree for the night.
I apologize for a short, meaningless addition to my blog, and promise to include a splendid recipe when I return! Blessings to all from Laura of Wildenblue Farm

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