Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My First Grandchild Has Arrived!!!

Posted Jul-18-08 13:50:01 PDT
Hello to all! It finally happened... I'm a gramma! My oldest son and his girlfriend delivered a beautiful healthy baby boy on Wednesday, July 16th. They named him Ryan Howard as a tribute to my dad, Howard, who passed away last July 21st. What a wonderful gesture to my mother and all of our family. Thank you, Travis and Ashley... and congratulations on your new bundle of joy. We are all so happy for you, and we love you!
Oh my goodness... I can barely think of anything else to write about, but I'll try!...........................................
The first batch of baby guineas should start hatching out in the next few days, and then mom will incubate the second batch, as I found another nest of eggs when I was picking wild blackberries. I believe there are 15 eggs in this newest nestful. And I suppose it is a good thing that we all discovered these eggs, as one-by-one my guineas are disappearing, and I'm not sure if they are simply sitting on a secret nest, or if the fisher (or other foe) is feasting on them.
As I was refilling the vegetable stand the other morning, I peeked around the back of the barn and saw a fisher dart off the driveway and back into the woods. I am awfully worried about the "baby" chicks, as each day they explore further and further into the pastures. An electric fence may not be a bad idea...
I have been picking scads of Raspberries, and the Strawberries are now setting out new runners for next years' berries. I have SO MUCH weeding to do, as it's gotten ahead of me in the last week or two. I was quite dismayed that the Rye Straw we used as mulch between the Strawberries and upon the garden paths has decided to sprout into a carpet of green grass where it lies. Perhaps I should just trim it all with the lawn mower. And I need to stake the Tomato plants, as they are beginning to sprawl. Sigh... a woman's work is never done...
Well, my friends, I will sign off for now, as I just wanted to let you know that the baby has arrived! Blessings to you and yours... Laura of Wildenblue Farm

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