Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Posted Sep-16-07 17:53:49 PDT
Hello to all! What a mixed-up week... Sunday already and not much to show for it! Seems as soon as I’ve settled on what needs doing, something else comes up last minute and THAT gets done instead! And still I feel I’ve accomplished nothing! I’ve been trying to set aside time to get a few new projects started, yet also trying to tie up loose ends on projects that beg to be finished! Sigh! I had gathered a large bundle of teasel about a week ago, and finally got around to breaking it down into smaller bunches to dry. I saved a jarful of seeds and will attempt to get those started. We got a goodly dose of rain, but the weather has cooled immensely from last week... it was in the mid-thirties last night and is expected to get as cold tonight with another chance of frost. I still would like to put a few more seeds into the ground, but it seems rather risky what with the threat of frost. I did get some clover seeded around the barn-shop, and it has sprouted... so I am grateful for that.
We spotted a coyote yesterday afternoon. The guinea hens were making a huge ruckus out back... which usually means an unfamiliar critter is about, though often it is only a deer. Mandy rode over on her bicycle, but didn’t spot anything, so I jumped in the jeep and took off out back. Sure enough, there he stood surrounded by squawking guineas, looking rather bewildered. He spun around when he saw me coming and headed towards the pond out back. He was quite large; bigger than our German Shepard, Greta. But all 17 guineas were roosting in the barn that evening, so I imagine he found dinner elsewhere. The afternoon before, my youngest son and I watched as a young buck grazing near the fence casually leapt over into the barnyard and continued his meal. He did not even upset the ducks and geese that were resting three feet from him, which makes me think he visits often. I believe he is the naughty buck that came after me a few nights earlier as I headed to the barn... so I didn’t chase him away! I worry so about the deer, as we have three large apple trees lining the bottom of the driveway, and they are always crossing the road to get to the dropped apples.
The front garden is positively bursting at the seams with Sweet Annie! It is at least 7 feet tall, and has filled in the area where just last fall I removed the Strawberries & Raspberries. It is smothering the Asparagus bed and competing with the Jerusalem Artichokes. I am barely able to find the remaining Garlic plants amongst its masses! I am making plans to dig up a new plot specifically for Sweet Annie, Teasel, Lunaria & Chinese Lanterns.
I was complaining to the chickens tonight that they simply must lay more eggs for the feed they are devouring, and my egg-customers are also disappointed at their lack of output! But I am enjoying the beautiful fall weather and watching the colors of Autumn beginning to unfold, And it’s been chilly enough to start the fireplace in the evening and curl up with a good book for an hour or two! But I really must take advantage of the pleasant weather and finish tasks at hand, lest winter start early this year!
Well, I am afraid that is all I have to share with you at this time! So I leave you now with blessings to all from Laura of Wildenblue Farm

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