Monday, November 10, 2008

A Day Off!

Posted Jun-30-07 18:49:39 PDT
It was declared we needed a fun day, so my oldest son, his girlfriend & my daughter headed a few hours west to the Herkimer Diamond Mines to see what we could dig up! It was fun & slightly profitable, as far as we were concerned. We stopped about half-way there and purchased some home-baked goods from an Amish woman who was selling them out of a buggy, with her small daughter as a helper. We were gone most of the day. The chickens & other fowl were allowed in the main garden while we were away... and I must say they've cleaned it up tremendously. They polished off the remaining strawberries & weeded and scratched out most all the weedlings! I do appreciate the work they can do and the time they can save me! If only they could encourage it to rain.... Now I'm tired & going to hit the hay...

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