Monday, November 10, 2008

Catnip Harvest

Posted Jul-02-07 15:01:15 PDT
Another breezy day for laundry! And cool enough to work out in the garden comfortably! Mom & dad stopped up earlier with a truckload of comfrey & chickweed... delicious treats for the chickens and all!I harvested about 3 or 4 bushels of catnip out of the other garden. The cats haven't been this friendly since I don't recall! They were at my feet as I was bundling it up, and sneaking a nibble every now and again! After that was done, I managed to spread compost around some of the berry bushes. It's been awfully dry, and the wind complicates that. I do wish we'd get a few days of a slow, steady drizzle... it would help some. I note that the Currant bushes & Blueberries are thriving well; they should be ready to pick in a couple more days. My red Raspberries are coming along, as well. (I snuck a heavenly handful when no one was looking... I did not even share with Greta, my lovable German Shepard!) I did toss a few currants to two guineas who happened by, but they pecked at them in disgust... I cannot explain why the Gooseberries have dropped many of their fruit. This puzzles me. Perhaps it is just too dry. There are no signs of insects... so I'm quite confused about this. If anyone has a suggestion, I'm all ears!

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