Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thank you, Granny Sue!

I would like to send a sincere 'thank you" to Granny Sue, of Granny Sue's News and Reviews, http://grannysu.blogspot.com/ , who bestowed the Liebster Award upon my blog. This award is given to bloggers with less than 200 followers, so mine certainly fits the bill! "Liebster" translates to "dearest" in the English language, so I am honored to accept this award. Many thanks again, Granny Sue!

I hope you visit story-teller Granny Sue's blog above, and when you do, please visit her other blogs, as well.

The guidelines for the Liebster Award are:
A: Thank the giver and link back to their blog
B:Award other blogs the Liebster Award and leave a comment on their blog that you've chosen them.
C: Copy and paste the award on your blog
D: May each of them share the award as well!

One blog I'll select belongs to my friend Pammy of Thyme Square Gardens. Her blog is chock-full of so much great heirloom and organic gardening information, fantastic recipes and wonderful advice. (Plus, she is always plugging my blog and FaceBook page, and I can never think of a way to thank her enough!!!) Please visit her blog here...

My second selection is Cheyenne's sweet blog, Little Prairie Baby. Now anyone that knows me (or anyone who can read the last post date on my blog!) knows that I am not faithful about sitting in front of the computer on a regular basis, especially during growing season. There is just too darn much work to do outdoors, and once I come in to eat and shower, I'm ready to hit the hay. It is good that winter comes and makes me stay inside a bit more often! Oh, I drop in on folks' blogs unannounced, but never take the time to leave a comment very often. And one blog I love to visit is Cheyenne's. I love her stories, her photographs and her prairie life. Please visit her here...