Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Playing in the Snow

Posted Dec-04-07 16:11:39 PST
....Hello friends & family. We (my mother, daughter & I) have been very busy with our Barn-Shop, which will be open for two more weekends. This past weekend was especially busy, and I have just now made myself sit down & catch up! It sure is a chilly evening tonight... very blustery & cold after yesterday's snowstorm! I am thrilled that we received several inches of "magic snow"... that is snow that can be packed & rolled & sculpted. After I shoveled out the barn, shop & thereabouts, I proceeded to make a snowman, but after a few hours, that snowman had turned into a six-foot high Tomten (with a Crow friend), a Snow Lantern & an almost-life-size Reindeer (so one can sit upon his back). Even at my age I LOVE to play in the snow and I take great inspiration from Tasha Tudor and her book Forever Christmas. I hope next week to include a holiday recipe, so until then, I leave you with wishes that you and yours find peace & joy in this holiday season. ~Laura of Wildenblue Farm~

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