Monday, November 22, 2010

Who's this little monkey??

I just had to stop in and say Happy 1st Birthday to my grandson Tristan Jacob!
xo~ Love and kisses from Gramma Laura ~xo

Friday, November 19, 2010

Catching Up...

Hello dear friends, It has been a crazy few weeks around here, but what else is new? Before I get started, I want to wish my granddaughter Kara a Happy First Birthday! She turned one yesterday! I also want to wish my daughter-in-law Ashley a Happy Birthday today! Love you both!!

I love this photograph I snapped of Kara in September. She is a little angel to be sure!

About two weeks ago, my three sons were getting ready to head to work when my son Jake saw something on the garage door. The boys realized it was one of our cats, Chloe. She had somehow gotten her back leg caught in the track of the door and the casing, and must have spent several hours trapped upside down, four feet off the ground dangling by her one leg. It was dreadful. They had to remove the track to get her out, and I brought her right to the vet. We were amazed that nothing was broken or crushed, yet she suffered nerve damage to her back legs. They kept her for a few days and then I brought her home for the weekend. My daughter brought her back Monday as we had some concerns, but she came back home within the hour. She is comfortable, the swelling has gone down tremendously, and she is gaining some limited use in the leg that was not caught. I will bring her back to the vet this coming week, and see what they suggest, although I'm afraid it's either leg amputation or putting her down, which I refuse to consider at this point.

Here is Chloe with her sister Zoey. They look cozy enough, but in truth they are arch- enemies. (Long story!) However, when I put the camera down, they did not get into a tussle!
Some of you may remember two years ago, somebody dropped all four cats (two pure black ones along with these two) on the side of our road in the middle of the night... so young they were barely able to eat hard food.

Here is Miss Chloe. She is making every attempt to get herself around the house, and one back leg appears to have more use than even a week ago.

Mom and I got the vegetable garden pretty well cleaned out, and we made some repairs to the fencing around the fields. There is still other work to be done in the fruit garden, but it could last til spring cleanup! And I have to clean out the barn, but that's not too pressing. I still have to build a new barn door and repair a window in the back of the barn before the cold and snow really settle in.

I want to wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving filled with blessings of family and friends! Til next time... Laura of Wildenblue Farm