Sunday, April 19, 2009

Welcome home

It's been a busy weekend, but in a good way! My fourth "son" Forrest came home to New Hampshire from North Carolina... he's been back from Iraq and will soon be heading to Afghanistan... but he and his girlfriend came to visit and reconnect with my boys and family. (He is my friend Greg's son and Kaitlyn's brother, whom I've spoken of in other posts!) It was so good to see him in real life, and to wonder how the little boy he was could have possibly grown into this strapping young Marine before me. And to feel that same way about my three sons as they all posed for the picture above! And how funny that they could all so quickly revert back to that pile of mischievous, rambunctious boys from years past!
After the rounds of hugs and hellos and introductions, Forrest and Jake disappeared out back and found their old potato gun, and that gives you a good idea of what they spent the weekend doing! Needless to say, he didn't stay long enough, and they had to leave yesterday afternoon. But I laughed when I walked down to the barn last night to do chores, for there were chunks of potatos all along the way.

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