Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring has come!

Just had to stop in for a minute with some lovely news; spring has come to Wildenblue Farm! How do I know this? The weather is rainy and cold... we may get snowshowers, and it's only in the forties... so why am I sure? Could it be the flock of almost 50 Red-Wing Blackbirds that have ousted the Bluejays from their usual spot under the maple tree these past few days? Or the many flocks of Canadian Geese that are returning to their northern home? Perhaps it's the mother Goose settling on the two duck eggs she's claimed as her own in the barn...

No, the harbinger of spring that caught my ear as I headed back from the barn last night has always meant REAL spring to me since I was a child, and that is the singing of the Peeper Frogs from the surrounding wetlands... hundreds of tiny voices announcing that the end of winter has come! Happy Spring to all from Laura of Wildenblue Farm!

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