Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ryan at 5 months

I thought I'd include a photograph of my grandson from this Christmas, as I've had a few folks ask me to update since I only have included his birth-day picture! Isn't he the sweetest ?! You better believe I'm partial!

I just took down our Christmas Tree and spent the morning tidying up the house from the holidays. I really don't think the tree would have lasted til New Year's... as I only watered it once or twice. I am SO forgetful about those things. Usually I put it up next to the fireplace, and when it's time to come down, I prune it all up and toss it in to burn as I go along. But this year I put it up near the hallway, so I only had to undecorate it and haul it out the front door! A piece of cake, yet still messy! Amanda put the lights on this year for me, and what a time I had taking them off! I really detest putting the lights on the tree... it's such bore, so I will not complain about Amanda's help!

I cannot believe the New Year is but a day away. May yours be safe and happy! Til next year... Laura of Wildenblue Farm

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