Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day... 2009

I opened the kitchen door this morning to toss out a handful of kitchen scraps to the half-dozen crows huddled underneath the bird-feeders, and I startled (and was startled by!) two yearling deer who have discovered the cracked corn that the bluejays scratch out of the feeders. The older doe who accompanied them over the summer is nowhere to be seen, so they are on their own now. They visit throughout the day, and are becoming accustomed to the crows, dozens of jays and even the Sumatra hens that fly over from the barn to glean what they can from under the maple tree.
We had dinner at mom's tonight... a wonderful way to usher in the New Year with lots of family feasting on ham, turkey and all the fixings! Blessings for a wonderful New Year. xox ~Laura

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