Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April blessings to all! Yesterday, I spent most of the day outside working around the mud and remaining snow in the yard. It was a fairly warm day, about 42 degrees (that dang ol' wind persisted still!) and the afternoon was sunny. As I went about my chores, I heard that beautiful, old familiar cry and looked up to try and find the flocks of geese as they passed overhead. One cluster contained well over 300! As I mentally kept track of them throughout the day, there were over 1500 geese that flew over on their homeward migration. I never tire of seeing them...

Quite a bit of snow remains around the fields, and it is mostly corn snow in the woods. The deer, fox and coyote are moving about more, and there are red-winged blackbirds joining the usual crowds at the feeders. The number of finches on the lawn under the feeders has grown to over 300 most days... I appreciate that they are cleaning up the leftover bits of seed the others have dropped.

I am still waiting for the first song of the peepers, and to catch a glimpse of the first snowdrop...

The sap is running quickly still; over the past two days alone I've collected enough to make a gallon of sap, and I expect to do the same today.

Now I must head outside and take advantage of the sun! May you enjoy your day!

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