Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sap has begun to flow

Just a brief note (to myself mostly!)
sap started flowing a tiny bit yesterday, and then enough throughout today so that I collected approximately 12 gallons of it tonight.
Today, I began pruning the fruit trees, and heard a small flock of Canadian geese heading homeward.
As I was smashing down a trail with my snowshoes to check the maple trees farthest out in the field, I noticed the ground was COVERED with snow fleas. And, I found a moth inside one of the sap buckets.
Mom and I went to Vermont last week and saw about 40 robins along the roadside near Orwell.
I do believe spring is tiptoeing in...


  1. It must be so rewarding to gather the sap. I cant imagine how much work this is.

  2. I have had to gather sap by toting two 5 gallon jugs on my grandchildren's sled, as the snow melt has left slush and mud where I usually can drive! But, as with any work, the reward is sweet(er!)