Sunday, January 1, 2012

A blessed New Year to you

This new year dawned warm and foggy, with no snow in sight. The fog has burned off, and the temperature is in the forties. I am wondering if we will ever receive a goodly amount of lasting snow this winter... 2011's weather sure left a lot of folks scratching their head. I can't help but wonder what is in store for us this year...

I cannot help but think back on the winters of my youth. Perhaps my memories are all tumbled together and deceive me now, but it seems to me there was almost always snow, and lots of it, by Thanksgiving. Certainly there was always snow at Christmas time! And storms would follow, adding more loft to the downy blanket that covered the countryside... and NO melting off in between! I remember playing "King of the Mountain" at recess in gradeschool, and can still picture the huge piles of snow outside the window. And when we got off the schoolbus, we could walk home on top of the snowbanks all the way down our little road. Even when my children were small, the photographs show lots more snow, and it lasted well into April.

So I spend the New Year's Day yearning for a good old-fashioned snowstorm, reminiscing about time's passing, reflecting on last year, and wondering what lies ahead in 2012.

My wish for all is a simple one... may the New Year be kind, may it bring true contentment to our hearts, may we find comfort and grace, peace and good health. Happy New Year!

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