Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Florediem Flower Farm in Alstead, NH

I apologize for waiting two weeks to write this... so much of my time has been taken by the gardens, as I know all of you gardeners can relate!

The week after mom and I visited Dhabi's Daylilies in Gilsum, NH, we headed back to Alstead, NH to visit Florediem Flowers Gardens.

Yet another treat was in store for us... their beautiful homestead was enough to look at, but when we drove in to the field past the barn... heaven on earth awaited! I learned of Florediem's when I read about them on my blog friend Christine's blog, please visit her here, As you will see, she did a lovely write-up on Florediem Flower Gardens and included such lovely photographs! And she DID warn all readers that the (daylily) bug would bite!

I think we visited just past peak blooming time, as you will see in Christine's photographs that she visited at peak. But we would not have guessed it, because everywhere one looked, all you could see were blooms everywhere! It was really overwhelming, as not only were there daylilies for sale, but also a variety of perennials such as hosta, yarrow (had to have one!), beebalm. snowball hydrangea... oh my gosh, I just can't remember everything else. I wish I had taken notes... I have such a pea-sized brain.

The atmosphere was wonderful: everything was well-cared for and well-tended, clearly labeled,
easy to find with an easy-to-follow handout sheet, there were many comfortable chairs and tables to sit at so you could take everything in under shade, and our hostess was so helpful, knowledgeable and friendly! I was taken by some lovely poppies that were blooming, and I was gifted with some seedpodswhich I planted when I got back home! (Along with my daylilies, and yarrow, and another plant I purchased that I cannot remember the name of(pea-brain) but will ask when I return this next week!

The day was overcast and misting, so my pictures do not do justice to the beauty that surrounded us. So many daylilies, so many different colors and species... how do you even choose? I had just dug up two new perennial beds, so I was determined to limit my purchases to a select few. However, I spent all day yesterday and most all day today preparing a digging a few rows that I hope to one day soon fill with daylilies. And Christine of New Hampshire Gardens just reminded me earlier that their sale is next week, so..........

I leave you with a quick peek of my newest plot of broken ground above; sod removed as of yesterday and most of the rocks and larger stones picked out and the soil (hardpan!) dug deeply and turned over as of today. Now to get the barn cleaned out and the compost added to these four rows. Then... I hope to return to Florediem Flower Gardens and start filling these rows!

And note I made sure to leave plenty of room for expansion... HA!


  1. I can't wait to see your daylily garden next year! I was bitten by the daylily bug several years ago but have not been able keep the morning glories from taking over. Love your blog!

  2. oh Sharon, thank you! Are the morning glories that are invading your daylilies the white ones? (we know them as woodbine here) I planted Grandpa Ott daylilies well over 7 years ago... the wind scatters the seed about and they are EVERYWHERE in the gardens, throughout the lawn, they have even twined their way INTO my outhouse! They are a lovely deep purple/ cobalt blue, but they are very invasive!