Friday, January 7, 2011

Snow is falling...

Finally it is snowing once again! And to think that in between storms, on the last day of December, a robin was searching for something to sustain itself under my feeders. I hope he's returned to a warmer place...

I don't know what falling snow does to one's spirit, but I know what it does to me! I tend to want to batten down the hatches, and gravitate to the kitchen. What is it about a snowy day that makes the most mundane, everyday chores more pleasurable? Thus I spent the morning shaking down the coals and ashes in the wood furnace, stoking up a good fire. From there, I checked again on the garlic cloves in the dehydrator, then went outside to feed the birds, who seemed quite impatient about getting their breakfast. The geese in the barnyard spotted me, so then it was off to water and feed them, and to check for eggs. (My threat of squeezing the eggs myself out of those darn chickens seems to have worked, as they are laying somewhat again!)

When I came back to the house, I grabbed a cup of tea, stuck a pot of soup on the stove to simmer for the day, and worked a bit on some Valentine's Day creations. (I would like to re-open up my other two Etsy Shops... it's been a long time.) And then I worked on the computer for a while... probably a LONG while, if I'm honest! I finally decided to join Facebook, and it is too much for me to grasp! But in defense, I had some digital design work to do for a few customers, as well!

Well, I'm headed downstairs to grab another cuppa and a bowl of soup! Have a lovely evening! ~Laura of Wildenblue Farm

PS: I almost forgot... I want to explain to all whose blogs I follow that I'm not a blog snob. We still have crank-up service in our rural area, and it is painfully slow. It takes me several minutes to upload a blog page that has backgrounds, images and music, and a few minutes to comment. I would love to be able to relax and visit all your blogs, but I only manage a few a week. If I could only come up with the thirty-thousand dollars I was quoted by one wireless company to run the lines from our neighbors' about a quarter of a mile up the road, or take down the two 40-foot trees in the yard that another installer asked me to think about... I'd be at your blogs every day!


  1. Your photos are lovely as always, Laura. Wish I could continue to snuggle in and batten down the hatches too, but I go back to school tommorrow. I think I'll make some soup first though!

  2. When it snows, I'm battling the 52 miles to work, and then again on the way home. When I get here in the evening, all I want to do is sit by the fire and enjoy the quiet, the beauty, and the warmth.

    We live way out too, and ended up getting a satellite for internet. It's hugely better than dialup, but it sounds like that might have been the option offered that required cutting your trees? Have you looked into an air card? That might work for you.

  3. Hi Laura!! Hope you've been having a beautiful New Year. Your photo's and all the snow is glorious. Even being in the South, when the weather turns to cold I'm always in the kitchen. Think it helps me feel warmer. Let me know if you get FB figured out. I would love to visit you there!! Stay warm. xxooxx Pammy

  4. Hello Janet, How are you? So good to hear from you... I'll visit you when I'm done here! Hope your week at school is good, and hope you got your soup made! Thanks for stopping in!
    Dear Granny Sue, A 104-mile round trip to work?! Bless your heart! Yes, the high quote was cable, the chopped-tree quote was satellite. I've never heard of an air card, so thank you, I will google that! Hope you're having a lovely week!
    Good morning Pammy, All's well here! It's still snowing, and is lovely! I especially like to see the snow early in the morning or towards nightfall when everything is painted in every shade of blue! Have a wonderful week Pammy!

  5. Laura,

    Did you really mean -25? Love your new header.
    You are so talented.

  6. Good morning Sharon, Yes, it is 5:50 am, and -26, with awind chill of -40. The high temperature today is expected to be 2 degrees, but only will be 6 below tonight... not near as cold! An arctic front from out of Canada settled down upon us, but it will lessen by tomorrow. Hope all is well with you!