Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Waiting for snow...

Sounds of Winter
by Lucille Crumley

I can remember when I was a child
The winters were stormy, the winters were wild.
Snow fell early and soft on the ground;
The glistening of ice-coated trees all around;
Crisp crunching of snow crusts under my feet;
The beat on my window of cold driving sleet.

The thump of an axe by the shrinking woodpile...
The shoveling of snow off the walk to the stile;
Singing skate blades flashing by on the lake...
The lowing of cattle in the windbreak;
Church bells calling at twilight's last glow
From over the hills all blue-white with snow
The soft hiss of sled runners cutting deep traces;
Shrill shouts of children on sledding's best places;
The wind song's moan in the tall pine trees...
dripping of water as icicles freeze.
A blue jay's harsh call when he's hungry at dawn...
It seems since I'm older these sounds have all gone.

Now I sit by the fire as it crackles and snaps
And close my eyes tightly, just thinking perhaps.
I can hear all the sounds and all the sights see
Of the winters that came to the once little me.


  1. awww that is so sweet Laura! Sending love and light to you and yours xx

  2. Thank you, Leslie! Always so good to hear from you! xox ~Laura

  3. Oh my goodness!!! That is so beautifully written!! Thank You Laura for sharing!!

  4. Hello Pammy! How are you? I'll tell you what... I wish I had your Green Tomato Pecan Bread recipe back when I still had green tomatoes in my garden! And the Marmalade sounds wonderful!!! Happy December, Pammy! xox ~Laura

  5. green tomato pecan bread recipe?! ooooo I need to go search Pammy's blog for that! xx

  6. Let me know if you make it, Leslie; it sounded sooo good, but I think my tomatoes would be black now if I left any under the snow!
    You should try her Lemon Bars... just finished off another pan yesterday! They're to die for!