Friday, October 1, 2010

Autumn blessings

Late Autumn
by Edna Jaques

The old house stands, wrapped in the kindly dark.
The barns are dim against the morning haze.
A little spring-fed brook goes gaily by,
And o'er it all the peace of autumn lays
A lovely cloak as if she feared the chill
That creeps at nightfall o'er the pasture hill.

The air at dawning has a frosty tinge,
But noonday finds the world serene and blue
as if the lovely summer lingered on,
Loath to be gone from the dear fields she knew...
The cottage on the hill, the maple's glow,
The sunny hollow where wild asters grow.

The little animals of field and wood
Have gathered all their precious winter stores
And hidden them away for future use.
Across the scene the autumn sunlight pours
A golden flood of beauty bright and gay,
Ere winter comes to chase their joy away.

And over all the autumn world there lies
The blue reflected glory of the skies.


  1. You live in a beautiful part of the country, Laura! Glad you are back blogging! xx Nancy

  2. I absolutely love autumn, at least til winter settles in! It's done nothing but pour steadily for the last few days which has washed away a good deal of leaves from the trees.
    Thanks for stopping in Nancy! xox ~Laura