Sunday, March 28, 2010

Do you remember me?!?

I cannot believe I haven't posted for over two months! Here are four good reasons I've been a bit busy...

Ryan showing his muscles

Kara watching the camera

Anthony listening to Great-grandma

Tristan keeping an eye on Leo

Honestly, I've spent quite a bit of time over the past few days trying to post a new entry on my Blog. It seems that since I've been away, they've changed something, and my computer was not accepting the changes. It finally dawned on me to go into "help" and I soon discovered I wasn't the only one experiencing this problem. And I FINALLY got it figured it out!

I wanted to post my daughter-in-law's Chocolate Chip cookie recipe tonight, but I left it out by my computer in my workshop, and it's POURING outside, so I will post it very soon... I promise!

Aside from babysitting my grandchildren, I've been trying to get things accomplished outdoors. I trimmed all the Guinea's wings to stop them from flying out of the pastures. I took apart the greenhouse mom and I built a few years back. It cost too much to keep it heated... what was spent on propane would have bought a lot of seeds or plants; it was just not feasible. I did save the cattle panels, and am trying something new. I bent each 16' panel into a length-wise half-hoop, covered them with clear plastic and placed them in the vegetable garden. I planted them with cold-weather crops... spinach, kale, chard, carrots, etc... and I will see how this experiment fares out.

Well, I'm headed to bed shortly, and I need a cup of tea. I shall be back in touch very soon! Hope all is well with all of you! I missed you! xox ~Laura


  1. Wow! Now that you are back. I'm going to take a break! I'm exhausted just reading what you have been up to! LOL! The Herbal Husband comes home on Thursday so I'm going to take a small break from blogging because our yard and gardens are all messed up from the snow! It's going to be a beautiful Easter weekend here. All Easter blessings to you Laura and your brood! xxoo Nancy

  2. I remembered you, and missed you too! Glad to see everything is OK, and you have been having fun with the grandkids.

  3. awwww grandma laura, i certainly remember you "hugs"! those darling babies look like excellent reasons for not blogging to me:) so adorable:)i rarely find time to blog for the same reason. did you get your upstair remodel done? i like your idea for the veg tunnel. hope it works well for you:)how old are all the wee ones now? sending you love and hugs for you and the little ones, and gorgeous leo too

  4. Oh Nancy, It's so good to hear from you! I really needed a break from a few things for a bit longer than even I expected! I think you'll enjoy yours too! Easter blessings to you and yours! xox, Laura

  5. Good morning Colleen!How are your four-legged babies?! Hope you have been well! Thank you for stopping in to say "hello"! xox, Laura

  6. Dear Leslie, Ryan is 1 1/2, his sister Kara is 4 months, Anthony is 3 1/2 and his brother Tristan is 4 months too! Such precious joys!!
    I did get everything set upstairs. I only need to recover a rocking chair and make a Blue Homespun bed cover for one room and a Red Homespun cover for the grandkid's room! Other than that, its done!!!!
    The 3 tunnels I have out now have withstood the fierce winds we've been having, and even with nighttime temperatures at 8 degrees, the spinach and lettuce and all has come up. We'll see how this progresses! Hugs right back to you and yours, Leslie! xox, Laura

  7. I am glad you're back, I missed you! You sure have 4 beautiful reasons to be busy! Your tunnels sound a lot like the floating row cover I just bought for my greens:)

  8. Hi Janet! It is probably similar to the row cover idea. Our last frost date here (and when we should start planting our gardens( is the end of May (we are Zone 4 here on the mountain). So I really needed something to provide warmth and protection to get an early start on certain crops. I haven't yet dared to start cucumbers or warm weather crops yet, as its just a trial for me now! I'll post some pictures soon. Take care Janet! xox