Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year Greetings

Of course, I'm a day late to wish you all a peaceful, healthy New Year! But the greeting still means as much to you and yours!

It has been snowing little whisps and tufts since yesterday... with only a few inches of accumulation, but it's snow none-the-less! We are predicted to get perhaps 4 to 6 inches by tomorrow, with the wind kicking up this afternoon and lasting through the night. I just came in from feeding and watering the chickens, geese, ducks and guineas, and it is rather blustery... the wind is just strong enough to drive the tiny pellets of snow into your cheeks and down your neck! I tucked in extra straw and shavings for the biddies, and a week or two ago I stacked bales of hay in front of either side of the barn door to block the north wind from blowing straight into it's small opening. I have not let the birds out into the bigger barnyard for a few weeks, but they are content in their covered run, and have plenty of indoor and outdoor space for exercise and fresh air. It is just as well, as yesterday I took a walk around the fence lines and discovered three places where the fence was torn down. One spot was a curiousity... it looked like deer had tried to jump the 6-foot fencing, but one heavy steel fence post was completely knocked out of the ground. The other spots were the work of a coyote, fox or perhaps a neighbor's dog. I mended it all as best I could temporarily, but it will require far greater repair come springtime.

Yesterday was a day spent with family, as everyone came up for supper. I really need to think about a larger kitchen table, as when my children come with their families and everyone is together, there are 10 adults and 4 children around the not-long-enough farmtable, which comfortably seats only 8! And when extra friends or family come, I have to add an extra table. I suppose I could just attach longer and  wider pine boards to the table base though. Something to think about, as Sunday suppers can be a bit cramped!

Today was spent getting new tires for my poor Jeep. The man at the garage declared the old tires "baloney skins". Then I had to get a washing machine, as the old one died about a month ago, and we've been washing our clothes in the clawfoot bathtub! I did use an old wringer-washer for a few days til the motor burned out; then it was back to the tub. My youngest son has a new appreciation for how laundry was done long ago, as he spent quite a bit of energy agitating his laundry with an old wood and metal plunger!

Well, the wind is picking up and the cold is settling in, so I'm off to put on a pot of soup and stoke the wood furnace. I just wanted to stop in and wish everyone a Happy New Year! Til next time!


  1. Happy New Year Laura!

    A couple weeks ago I didn't even know how to comment on a blog, but I decided I wanted to create my own for the New Year. It's coming along....I still have some things I need to figure out, but I feel that I have made quite a bit of progress. If you care to check it out, this is it.

    It is cold here too, below zero wind chill factors, but only a few inches of snow. The Shelties really love it.


  2. wow, sounds like you have gremlins with the break downs and such laura! lol first the washer, than the wringer washer then the tires! comes in threes all right! well, you should be good for awhile at least! lol we have had single digits during the day and below zeros at night. snowed off and on for a few days so we have about 4 to 6 inches all around. deer are such strong animals, i bet you are right about your fence. just getting back to blogland after all the seasons activity:) wanted to stop in and wish you a very joyful, prosperous, and wonderful 2010:) and yes, i can see where a bigger table might be needed!lol how did your upstair projects turn out? are you satisfied with it all now? sending you hugs:)

  3. Oh Colleen... good for you for starting a blog! You certainly have made a great deal of progress in a short time... it's wonderful! Keep up the great work! xox ~Laura

  4. Happy New Year, Leslie! Between you and I, my dryer should be the next thing to go! (I've probably just jinxed myself!) I am very pleased with how the upstairs rooms turned out. I still have a ton of sorting out to do, and now that I can do laundry, I can start washing all that dust off the sheets, towels and bedding! Oh joy! xox ~Laura

  5. Goodness Laura, sounds like the new year is starting off up and running with you! I know all about washer and dryer problems. Mine are hanging on, but who knows for how long. They say now is the time to start looking, but when it works, who wants to look?! You certainly are having very cold weather. We are down in the teens at night and 30's during the day. Not cold for you, but here in the south I heard it is the first time that it has been this way since 1985! We are working on keeping our chickens warm too, one of the things for the new year will be to build a bigger and better chicken house!
    Like your new blog banner by the way!
    Stay warm!

  6. Dear Laura,
    I just love reading your blog! Hope all repairs are in order. Best wishes for a day of accomplishments and happiness. Cheers! Krys

  7. Hello Ulrike, Your weather sounds downright chilly for you southerners! I hope your chickens are still laying eggs despite the cold. I have kept chickens and other critters for over twenty years, and I just read that cracked corn helps warm the hen's body, and NOT to feed it to your poultry in hot weather because it makes them too hot!? I feed my biddies cracked corn year round, but will rethink this come summer. I think I read it in Mary Jane's Farm magazine, but I cannot be sure. Hope this helps, but you probably knew that! Take care, Ulrike!

  8. Thank you Krys, but you know I love your blog just as much! You have the greatest recipes! Thank you for stopping in to say hello!