Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Roger's Rock Trail... NOT the slide!

If you're not up to another post of another hike... just skip this one! I promise I'll be back in a few days with a recipe or two and more farm-related chitchat! But a girl's gotta take advantage of a beautiful fall day before hunting season keeps her away from the woods...

This picture shows the trail about a half-hour into the hike. We started off on a pine needle-covered path that headed uphill, and came suddenly to an abrupt steep climb over and between rocks!
My ol' hiking buddy & I headed up north for a little jaunt up the trail at Roger's Rock to check out the view of the northern part of Lake George. I will tell you straight up that we did not rock climb up the slide. Here is a link to that venture posted by someone much younger and more agile than I.... bless their heart. (I am not a spring chicken and I am afraid of heights!!! These folks are not.... http://www.summitpost.org/parent/534474/rogers-rock.html

Looking back down from where we just came from (before I got scared!)
Needless to say, we did have to manuever between, up and over many rocks on the trail we took. And I am not going to lie and say I was not afraid when we hit one steep spot in particular, and I realized that I could not retrace my steps back down on account of the fact that it was almost impossible and too steep to go backwards.
My friend told me NOT to look down, and I listened... but I really wanted to snap a picture to prove  my point. However, I daren't let go of the vise-grip I had on two rocks to reach for my camera! I was frozen briefly with panic, but quickly realized how much more humiliated I would feel when I visualized myself having to be plucked off the side of this climb via a helicopter! So the only thing I could do was keep pulling myself up! I was very relieved, and very proud of myself, when we reached the overlook!

Here is part of the trail heading back down. We had to scoot along on all fours and our backside at some points to meander through the rock passageways, as it was still quite steep in certain areas.
We did find a different way back down the trail, as you could probably have guessed because I'm typing this and am not still up on Roger's Rock! It really was a lot of fun, and I would do it again since I know what's ahead! Well, this is probably it for hiking this autumn, as big-game hunting season opens October 18th and runs til December 7th, so I'm glad we got a few in before the snow flies! Til next time!


  1. Sounds like your hike was fun...but a little on the hazardous side? Glad you had a great day...I enjoyed reading about it. By the way I went back to that garden where I took that picture of the flower that you were wondering about, but alas the gardeners had gotten there before me and have cut everything back for winter and in the process removed the name stake from the ground. They do that so people don't steal them...go figure. So the flower will remain a mystery until next year when it comes up again. I accually stood there and sighed...LOL

  2. Awww, Crista, how sweet of you to go back and check! No worries. It was such a lovely color, and so lush!
    If I had known beforehand about the hike, I think I would have chickened out! Which is why I'm glad I didn't know, because it ended up being a great challenge!

  3. Hi there! Finally had the time to poke around a bit. I notice you follow my blog. Thank you so much! Yours is soooo lovely and a great place to visit.

  4. Hey Jayme, Thanks for stopping in! Your farmhouse is so lovely! I love reading about it. The chicken outfit is hilarious. My geese would be rather unkind to any of mine should they enter the barnyard in one of those outfits!

  5. Wow, what a gorgeous place to hike, so much natural beauty to savor!

  6. Thanks Janet, I feel blessed to live where I do, though I know there are so many beautiful places about! I think I shall always need a home where seasons change, because when I grow weary of one particular season, another comes just in the nick of time to take its place!

  7. oh laura, i had left a big long comment here when you posted originally and i don't see it! just letting you know i love it also:)

  8. Oh dear, Leslie. I don't remember receiving your original post, else I would have published it. I checked back through my email too. I'll try to see if I can find it in my blog somehow. I'm sorry about that, and am glad you sent along this note to let me know! Thank you! Oh, I need to let you know the latest on the Sweet Annie you are still waiting for.... your Post Office is to send it back to mine and we are sending a FRESH bundle. I'll drop you ANOTHER email! xox ~Laura