Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Goodness... Mother's Day is almost over, but I must send a Mother's Day greeting to all of the moms who take the time to read my silly blog! Thank you, and Happy Mother's Day! I hope you all spent a wonderful day amongst those you love and love you back, as I did! My four children, along with their "families" and my mom were up for supper this evening!
Friday, Saturday and today were spent delivering Mother's Day arrangements for a local florist my brother works for... mom helped me Friday and my daughter helped yesterday and today. Needless to say, I was not able to spend ANY time in the gardens this weekend; mom and I took only a brief stroll around them tonight and watered the seedlings in the greenhouse before we headed to the barn to tuck in the chickens and other birds. The coyotes and owls come very near at night, so I dare not leave even the geese out in the main fenced-in area... they ALL go in the barn!
Mom was up earlier this week to help rip out perhaps a 30- by 3- foot section of sod. This spot has now become a perennial border in front of the fence between the two big gardens, as I had started several plants last summer and they needed a new home. I transplanted three peonies (divided into five!) mom had given me years ago as the backbone of this border, and filled in between with beebalm, catmint, baby's breath, lupine, and so on. The next day, my daughter and I drove out into the woods and gathered fallen stones from a section of stone wall way out back. (My daughter photographed parts of this particular wall... I wonder whose hands built it and what the land looked like and was used for way back then...) We used these fallen stones to line the border, and also put several in the vegetable garden to surround an old cement bench brought up from mom's. I planted this area with hollyhock, catmint, scented iris, chives, and other perennials. We need to collect more stones to line the asparagus patch; perhaps sometime this week...
Well, before I close, I need to say how thankful I am for MY mom. I so appreciate all the hours she spends helping me around here weeding, planting, putting up fence, doing dishes at family get-togethers (even on Mother's Day!), and on and on. But mostly I am grateful for her company and helping the time and work go by quickly, often with great conversation, advice, and LOTS of laughter! I love you, Mom!

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